Solutions for All of Your REO Property Challenges

The goal of property preservation is to protect and preserve vacant properties. Here are a few of the services we offer. 

Securing Property

Once a property is determined vacant, Certified will secure it according to investor guidelines.

Pool Securing

Certified secures pools and hot tubs with services including: coverings, decking, screening, pumping out water and securing gates.


Certified ensures the property is maintained to investor guidelines and according to local code, avoiding violations and fines.

Code Violation Management

Certified's code violation team identifies potential code issues and manages any municipal complaints to prevent incurred fees.


Certified is on call for emergency board-ups to secure your property from theft, vandalism, and damage.


Certified will perform verification of the integrity of all electrical systems and recommend repairs.


From simple tarping roofs, to stop leaks, and full roof replacements, Certified's field crew ensures that roofing issues are resolved according to local code.

Masonry & Concrete

Certified will handle your concrete, sidewalk, retaining wall and waterproofing jobs and file all necessary permits.

Eviction Management

Certified provides property preservation support of the eviction and lock out process as required by each client.

Emergency Maintenance

Certified will quickly mitigate emergency conditions, when there is a clear threat to the property, or general welfare of persons on the property.

Debris & Hazard Removal 

Certified can ensuring the safety of your property by removing interior, exterior and/or hazardous debris.

Conveyance Preparation

Certified works to bring properties into conveyance condition and keep them secure, maintained, broom swept and free of violations and surchargeable damage.


Certified will winterize/de-winterize plumbing to prevent freeze damage


Certified will perform all necessary plumbing repairs to protect and preserve the integrity of the plumbing system.

Heating, Ventilation & A/C

Certified performs an array of services from HVAC installation to repairs and maintenance.

Janitorial & Maid Service

With Certified, the janitorial and sales clean for your REO property will be performed to the highest standards.



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